Fire Safes

Looking for a way to safeguard your valuables against fire damage?

Look no further!  Fire Safes is the ideal addition to any home or office.   Our fire safes will protect paper documents, media devices such as CDs and external hard drives as well as other valuables from temperatures of up to 800°C for up to half an hour.

We use the latest fire proofing technology; our safes are made primarily of a concrete based material and work largely by absorbing the heat of the fire. All Honeywell safes have a lining a minimum of 50mm thick, increasing according to the size of the safe.  All fire safes have been tested in lab conditions to guarantee that they meet our high standards.  A  fire safe will ensure a core temperature of below 100°C in order to protect your items.  The majority of our fire safe range is also waterproof, as a further protection against water that may be used to put out the fire.

A  fire safe might be considered to be an extra form of insurance against fire damage in your home or office.  Only marginally more expensive than an average non-fireproof safe, a Honeywell fire safe offers priceless peace of mind.

Our fire safes are available in a range of different sizes and styles according to your requirements; and come with the option of either a key or combination lock.  Our smallest range of safes, with external dimensions of 155x354x283mm, would be suitable for holding petty cash and small items.  Our range extends right up to the largest safes which measure 603 x 472 x 491mm externally, and would be suitable for storing laptops, cameras and A4 documents.  If you are unsure which product would be most suitable for your needs, then please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team.

Ourl fire safes can be shipped anywhere in the UK.  In the unfortunate event that you do suffer a fire, we offer a lifetime replacement guarantee as well as a limited warranty.